visual studio code
visual studio code

Visual Studio Code

In writing codes, one of the most important tools, you need is a text editor. Some people may go in for an IDE but in order to keep it simple I’d recommend a text editor. Almost all the time, I get questions from people like what’s the best text editor…

Getting a terminal for windows (cmder)

cmder logo
cmder (commander)

Before we proceed with this blog article, I would want to inform you that there is a video about this article on Codetopia’s YouTube channel. You can watch it or read this post or preferably do both.

installing and setting up cmder

What is an Interface?

An interface is a shared boundary through which two devices, objects or components communicate which each other or exchange information. So with this explanation, you can simply conclude that your monitor is an example of an interface because without your monitor, you might find it very difficult communicating with your…

chocolatey package manager
chocolatey package manager

What is a Package Manager?

A package manager is a command-line tool that is used to install software (termed packages) onto your local machine. Unlike most windows users who have to go through the hustle of getting the software’s installation setup and then run in order to install, package managers just allow you to run…


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