The Chocolatey Package Manager (A package-management system for windows)

chocolatey package manager
chocolatey package manager

What is a Package Manager?

A package manager is a command-line tool that is used to install software (termed packages) onto your local machine. Unlike most windows users who have to go through the hustle of getting the software’s installation setup and then run in order to install, package managers just allow you to run a single command in the terminal, and afterwards your software is being downloaded and installed on your local machine. Here, you can uninstall your software from your machine in-case you don’t need it anymore or even upgrade your software with just a single command in your terminal.
The software or programs managed by the package manager are mostly called Packages.

What is Chocolatey?

Chocolatey is a command-line and graphical-user interface package manager for windows that enables windows users to install, uninstall, configure or modify packages or software through the terminal(command prompt, cmder etc.) and also through it graphical software. Despite the fact that there is also a GUI version of chocolatey, we will focus on the CLI version in this article.

Getting Chocolatey

We are going to install chocolatey using the Terminal (cmder terminal). If you don’t have a suitable terminal like cmder on your windows or if you don’t know what a terminal is, click on the link below to read more about terminals and how to get one on your windows computer.

installing and setting up cmder
installing chocolatey with cmder

How to use Chocolatey?

I will assume that you have chocolatey installed on your computer. If you want to confirm that you have chocolatey installed on your machine, just type choco -v.

chocolatey version
chocolatey version

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